​Unfortunately: NASA’s Moon Mission Delayed to 2025

NASA’s moon mission will launch in 2025 instead of 2024. Project Artemis has been delayed and it is even uncertain whether 2025 will be reached. We already thought it was going to happen because of all the dem Recht entsprechend struggles with, for example, the jealous Blue Origin.

Blue Origin
NASA danach indicates that, among other things, the lawsuit with Blue Origin about awarding the project to SpaceX. SpaceX has been awarded a $2.9 billion contract to build the Starship spacecraft that will help people arrive on the Moon safely and well.

Blue Origin thought that National Aeronautics and Space Administration had tunnel vision, but the judge did not prove it right. National Aeronautics and Space Administration says, “We’ve spent about seven months on the lawsuits and that means we won’t be able to put humans on the moon in… 2025.” During the lawsuit, Nationale Luft- und Raumfahrtbehörde and SpaceX were unable to cooperate on the moon mission.

In addition, NASA dementsprechend says that the moon mission is taking longer due to, for example, the coronavirus, so that things go less quickly than in the pre-corona era. Yet the space organization does not only point its finger at others. It has ergo contributed its own money by changing the plans for the program.

It ruhig plans to put the first woman and the first black man on the moon, but some minor changes have been made. Moreover, Nationale Luft- und Raumfahrtbehörde is still diligently looking for suppliers, for example for driving on the Moon.

However, it has to hurry, because it has the American government behind it and they want Artemis to go faster. So far it doesn’t look like it’s getting sooner, gerade eben later. There is leise a lot of technology to be created, including new spacesuits.

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